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Warminster Malt Behind the Headlines


The highly influential ‘The Grocer’ magazine, reporting on the William Reed food shows at the NEC in Birmingham in early April, described no shortage of “ambition and innovation” amongst the new food and drink products on show. But, according to ‘The Grocer’, one product in particular stood out as having real potential to take on the big players in its category.

London’s ‘Small Beer Brew Co’ (SBBC) showcased its new range of low alcohol beers (1 – 3% ABV). Apparently, their stubby bottles and minimal but cute branding caught everyone’s attention and ‘The Grocer’ remarked, “the beers are delicious, in stark contrast – in taste and aesthetic – to much of the lower alcohol fare on the market”.

Are we surprised? No, of course not, SBBC’s beers are all made from Warminster Malt!

Then on April 10th, ‘Country Life’ published an article entitled “There’s English whisky in the jar”. This piece, written by Rupert Ponsonby, sought to highlight that “amazingly, England now has more distilleries than Scotland, according to HMRC, with 166 distilleries compared with 160 in the burnished north”.

A dozen or so only of England’s distilleries were brought to readers attention, for their whisky in particular, including ‘Bimber’, ‘Cotswold’, ‘Dartmoor’ and ‘Isle of White’ Distilleries. All of these begin their magical process with Warminster Malt.

There you have it, two reports that illustrate the high profile our customers are able to command. Since Malt is their most important ingredient, it all suggests we must be doing something right!