Robin Appel

Robin Appel

Managing Director

Tel: 01489 897118

Mob: 07932 068850

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Jonathan Arnold

Director Barley & Oats

Tel: 01489 897108

Mob: 07931 376538

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Tom Wood

Trading Director

Tel: 01489 897106

Mob: 07818 423170

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Nick Matthews

Senior Grain Trader

Tel: 01489 897105

Mob: 07944 021515

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Andrew Brown

OSR & Pulse Trader

Mob: 07876 751092

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Richard Oake

Farm Buyer Eastern Region

Tel: 07500 008889

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Jeremy Hawkins

Junior Grain Trader

Tel: 01489 897101

Mob: 07732 856294

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Robin Appel Ltd has always been a market driven company, first identifying demand for specific combinable crop production, and then translating that into profitable cropping initiatives for arable farmers. In most instances this has included bespoke Buy-back Contracts which not only underwrite crop values against achievable quality standards, but also indirectly link producers to first processors, if not the complete food chain.