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The success of any crop is how well it is established, its vigour and of course its final purity. Our forefathers coined the phrase ‘half sown is half grown’ and this statement holds even truer today. Farmers need to ensure that the crop they produce satisfies the increasingly rigorous standards set by the food and feed industry. The use of cheap, sub standard seed is a false economy and can often put the grower on the back foot from the word go.

We have always taken great pride in the seed we produce, using only top quality seed growers, producing high quality seed grown from breeders own stock seed and ensuring that all quality parameters are met. This gives growers complete peace of mind that the crop they will invest so much time and money in gets off to the best possible start and will be able to meet all contractual parameters required to fit specifications.

All our seed comes to you with the following :

  • Certified to HVS (higher voluntary standard)
  • Highest level of purity
  • Delivered with accurate thousand grain weights (TGW)
  • Delivered by our own haulage fleet