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Rye has been a staple part of our diets for many years and therefore regularly grown by farmers right across the UK. In more recent times, rye has been increasingly grown for biodigesters thereby increasing its appearance in the British countryside. At Robin Appel Ltd we have been working closely with independent flour millers and are now able to offer Milling Rye Contracts across the UK. Rye has always been regarded as one of the healthiest cereal grains, appearing in baked goods, breakfast cereals and food ingredients. Food markets are constantly moving with consumer trends and towards more healthier local produce, milling rye ticks all of these boxes.

Previously to meet domestic demand, the UK has had to rely on imports mostly from Sweden and Germany. But with an increasing demand for home grown produce Robin Appel Ltd have looked to supply the market with domestically grown Rye. One such market is distilling, there are strict rulings on what can and cannot be used for the production of Single Malt Scottish Whisky, Rye is unable to be used by those distillers but there is not the same restriction for other UK based spirits. We are constantly working within the spirit supply chain to find more options for the crop, with an increased interest in a more diverse array of spirits such as Rye Whisky, Bourbon style spirits, Gins & Vodka

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