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Marrowfats are the traditional field pea grown for human consumption, for canning or the packet grocery trade. That mushy peas are today a gastro pub favourite bodes well for continuing demand. Expanding market for quality Marrowfat Peas for export to the Far East into snack factories in China, Malaysia and Japan.

UK supplies 80% of world Marrowfat peas with 15% coming from Canada.

Sakura is the highest yielding, quality marrowfat variety with good standing ability. Being a large seeded type with good colour retention, it has good export potential.

Large blues are required for micronising (high protein pet foods) as well as for human consumption for both export and UK packet sales.

Prophet has consistently performed well over past nine years on farm, supplying a quality pea, which covers all markets. Combining high yields, with good standing ability and Downy Mildew resistance.

Campus combines high yield and exceptional standing ability.

Andrew Brown

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