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Method of establishment and plant populations are crucial to the success of winter beans. The popular technique is to broadcast, followed by shallow ploughing. Allowing for a 15% field loss, the target should be to establish 18 plants/m² in the spring. More commonly if conditions and equipment allow conventional drilling is giving more reliable plant establishment. Sowing depth is critical, minimum 3 inches.

Good samples, subject to having a pale skin and good seed size, are suited to the North African premium export market where they are used for splitting for Falafel.

Vespa with the highest yield, standing ability and good seed size, takes some beating.


Modern spring varieties are earlier maturing, less prone to indeterminate growth, and deliver higher and more reliable yields. Seed should be sown to establish 50 plants/m², and sown as early as possible (Feb.) to avoid summer drought stress at flowering, and a later harvest.

Vertigo has replaced Fuego having good seed size and exceptional yield.

Lynx with superior standing ability offers an alternative.

All varieties having pale skin and pale hilum would qualify for the premium Middle East Market, but strictly subject to any Bruchid Beetle damage.

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