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Milling Oats

Oats are now classed as a ‘superfood’ and consumption around many parts of the world continues to expand as consumers become more conscious of what they are eating. The UK has three main oat mills in Bedford, Crewe and Cupar as well as some smaller mills specialising in horse food and other animal feeds.

Robin Appel Ltd have a long history of being a key supplier of milling oats to millers in the UK and further afield, we have an array of contracts for both winter & spring oats and for a whole range of varieties.

The swing to spring oats over the last few years has been dramatic with spring crop now accounting for around 45% of the total oat growing area. New varieties such as Isabel & Canyon & have lifted the bar dramatically in terms of yield especially when compared to the old stagers like Firth & Banquo.

The area of winter oats has declined over the years mainly due to grass weeds and the lack of and expense of chemicals available to control them in the crop. This trend is likely to continue.

Some mills favour winter oats and in particular Mascani due to their hullability

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