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With varying prices for granular product, and an uncertain outlook for phosphate supplies, we believe it is time for all farmers to embark on a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to soil fertility and plant nutrition.

  • We work very closely with a range of suppliers in order to ensure the top grade of quality without compromising value for our customers.
  • We ensure we avoid the lower grade quality of some imported materials.
  • We are a supplier of both AN and the leading brand of Advanced Urea.
  • We offer a range of NPK and PK blends, or can blend to order.
  • We can also offer a range of micronutrients blended into our fertilisers for the more specialist crops such as malting barley to ensure maximum performance.
  • We can deliver product in bulk, 1 tonne, 1/2 tonne bags and 600kg bags, and we can deliver part loads.
  • We can offer favourable finance terms to our customers in order to ensure that we can provide you with flexible payment terms tailored to you. (RA Ltd retains the right to refuse finance based on circumstance).

Please enquire with your Robin Appel Ltd representative for our full range of products.

Always remember to keep your fertiliser secure, follow the link below for details.

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