Maris Otter

50 years on and going strong!

An incredible story really stretching back over 50 years when the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) based in Cambridge were charged with breeding a barley full of flavour and easy to process for brewers. Well that they certainly did and Maris Otter now rightly commands it’s position in global brewing circles as the ‘Grand cru’ of malting barley.

As the great beer renaissance gathers pace the demand for Maris Otter malt around the world increases. It is only grown in mainland UK by only the very best malting barley growers. It commands large premiums over other malting barley and farmers who grow it do so as they enjoy the challenge and very much enjoy being part of a tangible and expanding supply chain.

Contract terms vary from Min-max type contracts to premiums over wheat futures or fixed prices, so something to suit all. Movement is from off the combine at harvest through to June preceeding harvest, central storage options are also available.

The demand for good beer is rising strongly everywhere, consumers are completely disenfranchised with gassy, tasteless beer and are trading up to craft beer, ales or similar. Maris Otter plays a key part in these beers as it has a depth of flavour and character that no other malt variety can get near. Coupled with its history, its unique ‘Britishness” and provenence it is no wonder that Maris Otter is the malt of choice for discerning brewers around the globe.

Maris Otter is now the only viable choice for winter barley growers on lighter land, breeders claim that their new feed barleys will give yields way beyond 10t/ha, how much will that cost to produce and what will it take out of your soil, let alone what will you get paid for it? Otter is cheaper to grow and is a more viable solution for you, please do get in touch so that we can chat to you in greater detail and take you to see a crop in your area.

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