Food and farming has never enjoyed a higher profile than at present, and we believe the industry needs to respond by constantly raising it game. This means continually refining the performance, the quality and purity of our crops. It means paying more attention to the quality of our seed if we are to protect the integrity of the food supply chains we seek to engage.
So this is why we have a partnership with three outstanding seed growers, all of whom process their own crops. It’s an undisguised attempt to encourage you to buy certified seed rather than ‘farm save’ by highlighting even more reasons for making that choice.

We pride ourselves in marketing seed to the highest quality standards to enable you to maximise your crops potential.

  • Seed grown by professional seed growers.
  • Seed certified to the Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS).
  • Seed with the highest level of uniformity and conformity.
  • Seed tested for seed borne disease (NIAB).
  • Seed delivered with accurate thousand grain weight (TGW).
  • Seed delivery/payment logistics to suit you.