Organic Milling Oats

With porridge oats sales almost doubling between 2008 and 2013, people seeking a hot cereal nutritious breakfast to fill their hunger for they day, consumers are continuing to purchase organic porridge oats. Spring oats and Organic farming are such a good fit. Is it the variety, is it the husbandry? It is probably a combination of both, but samples of March sown Organic spring oats with a specific weight of 55 kg/hl are commonplace. That in itself says it all. Demand is for Organic oats grown under contract, the latter establishing an important dialogue between processor and producer. This dialogue is the key to managing the supply chain and fending off imports from Scandinavia and trying to prevent the peak and troughs within the supply chain. We recommend the winter variety Mascani, and the spring varieties Firth and Canyon. Canyon is a new spring oat variety potentially achieving 8% yield increase over Firth. Seed and Buy-back contracts are available for a premium milling outlet.

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