Milling Oats

The recognition of the good old oat as a ‘super food’ has given oats a whole new lease of life. Porridge used to be the mainstay of oat consumption but in recent years a whole new array of oat products have come to the market as consumers eating habits change and the offering becomes more and more diverse.

This is great news for oat growers as demand has out stripped supply in the last couple of years. Whilst it would be too early to say that we have left the ‘feast or famine’ nature of the oat market, it is very clear that there is a continued exodus of growers from winter oat production but a steady increase of spring oat growers. Canyon has been a great success with both growers and oat millers alike, with consistent yields on farm and good hullability in oat mills.

It is absolutely essential that growers looking to produce oats speak to a merchant, who has extensive knowledge of and access to a variety of oat homes. There are three main oat millers in the UK, all with differing requirements and procurement techniques. We also have high premium outlets for horse feed, export and feed oats.

We are at the forefront of new variety development and evaluation, and we would be delighted to talk to you about your requirements and to discuss any issues you have regarding the production and marketing of oats.

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