With ammonium nitrate  beginning to undersell urea , and an uncertain outlook for phosphate supplies, we believe it is time for all farmers to embark on a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to soil fertility and plant nutrition.

  • We work closely with a range of suppliers.
  • We ensure we avoid the lower grade quality of some imported materials.
  • We are a supplier of both AN and the leading brand of Advanced Urea.
  • We offer a range of NPK and PK blends, or can blend to order.
  • We can add micronutrients to blends for specialist crops e.g. malting barley.
  • We can deliver product in bulk, 1 tonne, 1/2 tonne bags and 600kg bags, and we can deliver part loads.
  • We can offer viable finance terms.

Please enquire with your local Robin Appel Ltd representative for our full range of products.

Jeremy Hawkins

Junior Grain Trader

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