Milling Wheat

Milling Wheat

Market dynamics are changing with ever improving group 1 , 2 and 3 varieties. The dominance of Group 4 ‘Feed ‘ wheat varieties are beginning to decline .Which is placing the UK amongst the bigger EU Players on the export scene for quality wheat rather than the  old perception that the UK can only produce ‘feed’ wheat. With the recent ‘Brexit’ vote this could be vitally important if access to the EU is restricted or tied up in a web of quotas and tariffs. North Africa and Middle Eastern counties are significant buyers of milling wheat which the UK trades with if the quality parameters are met. Robin Appel ltd supply all varieties of wheat with buy back contracts always available so please contact us for details .

Illustrious is the newest NABIM group 1 wheat from RAGT accepted by all UK millers and will be a bigger player in 2017

Skyfall performed well this year despite its slight tendency to lose its Hagberg earlier than Crusoe. Its redeeming feature is the propensity to produce huge yields and proved this in 2015 harvest.

Crusoe very distinctive dark green colour in the field. Milling quality is the best and most consistent but its yield is beginning to be surpassed by Skyfall and Illustious. Crusoe is the Millers preferred variety for milling characteristics.

KWS Siskin new multipurpose group 2 variety with good disease control characteristics. Also a good second wheat variety. This variety if successful could really put the UK on the ‘quality’ wheat map for exporting milling wheat and increasing the base price of wheat off the feed wheat floor.

KWS Barrel and Bassett are two new exciting Group 3 ‘Biscuit’ soft endosperm varieties with excellent yield and  milling characteristics. The hectares of group 3 varieties have dropped from nearly 20% ten years ago to only 5%. The UK produces some of the world’s best ‘biscuit’ wheats and a resurgence of group 3 varieties will also enable premiums of £5 to £10 premium.

Group 4 ‘feed’ wheat varieties still dominate the remainder of the market. Limited premiums exist for group 4 hard and soft  wheat dependant on the year and closeness to markets. Seven million tonnes of feed wheat are required within the UK every year so plenty of demand.

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