Barley 2016 harvest and 2017 prospects

Following 2016 harvest where yields were positive and the quality came in, as we had previously predicted, we have seen an increase in spring barley moving forwards. Although north of the border it may have been reduced, possibly down to an open autumn, the grass weeds have made the decision for many farms with barley considered the go-to crop.

The weakness of sterling has added premiums in excess of £10t ex farm with concern for the weather keeping premiums high, although rain is on the forecast and alleviated some pressure, it will need to be a steady, long dose to quench the thirst of those needy crops.

In our opinion, seeing the modern varieties such as Planet and Laureate increase the yield potential, influencing the choices to swing from winter to spring cropping there is alot to go for, with alot of competition, to secure a home is never a bad idea.

We have contracts available for all the established varieties and some of the new ones. With a strong, increasing export portfolio and framework agreements with all of the UK Maltsters, feel free to give us a call to discuss the options available and how working together, we can take you to the market and obtain the best results.

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