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As we set off into 2019, Robin Appel Ltd is embarking on it’s 40th year of trading, and an exciting one at that. You might question what has fundamentally changed about the business over this time. I am pleased to respond that the business model today is more or less the same as the one we began with, namely one that sets out to establish and develop managed supply chains in order to elevate combinable crops to a more valuable status than simply “commodity”.

Key to this policy has been the emphasis we have always placed on customer service, particularly engagement out on the farm. Understanding individual farm policy, and maintaining contact with the annual crop cycles have always enhanced our negotiating position at both ends of the supply chain. Then managing the harvest and distribution has further commanded the highest priority. In this respect, 2019 represents another significant step up in the service we provide for farmers.

The new portal on our website allows each of our farmer suppliers to now follow all grain transactions from sampling, testing, and purchase through to execution of deliveries and payment. The information available will be live data and available 24/7 at the click of a password for you to manage your account when you require. We hope this will be big help to maintaining the enormous support we have enjoyed from farmers for so long, and help us to work even more together as we tackle the new challenges of tomorrow.

Robin Appel,