In a new initiative for the grain trade, we have sold the advertising space on the side of our bulk grain lorries. Limagrain UK have purchased the space to promote their wheat and barley varieties.


So the trailer units of our bulk tippers (pictured) have transformed from our corporate green to white, emblazoned individually with Limagrain’s wheat varieties, Crusoe and Evolution, and barley varieties, Concerto and Odyssey.


With each truck parking up on at least 3 different farms every working day, this concept should be a very effective means of advertising, which Limagrain have recognised.


It is also another avenue for us for defraying the cost of running our own grain transport. Despite the challenge it represents, we have been obliged to invest in our own fleet of lorries because of the widespread loss of small independent hauliers over the past 3 years.


The loss of independent hauliers can be attributed one thing only, the lack of profitability operating bulk grain haulage. This in turn can be attributed to a whole raft of issues, which all centre around  efficiency.


For example: we are constantly challenged by the inability to load lorries before 8  o’clock in the morning, and by the inability to unload them after 4 o’clock in the afternoon. We are still subject to long delays at delivery points (up to 5 hours) with all claims for ‘waiting time’ being refused. (No other industry would put up with this). Then there is the thorny issue of rejections, when a single truck can spend all day trying to discharge one load. All of this prevents any chance of a truck’s daily revenue coming even close to a truck’s daily costs. This is why we have lost so many independent hauliers, and why none of the national haulage fleets run bulk grain trucks.


So, Limagrain’s contribution to the cost of running our trucks is a welcome development. For without the trucks we would struggle to maintain the sort of service we aspire to for the benefit of our farmer suppliers and our customers alike. Grain trading is not just about the buying and selling, it is also very much about the collection and delivery which we are determined should be reliable and efficient – as much as it is within our powers to make it so.