Maris Otter at the Royal Cornwall Show

At a special reception at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show, Meurig Raymond,  president of the NFU (and grower of Maris Otter), extolled the virtues of the unique supply chain operating within Cornwall and driven by St Austell Brewery. Thanks to the increasing popularity of the St Austell beer range an increasing proportion of the Maris Otter used by the brewery is grown by selected farmers within the county of Cornwall and used to make the full range of quite superb beers. Roger Ryman, head brewer at St Austell has been the main driver of this success and is very keen on the link the brewery has with local growers. Many of the growers had been invited to the reception and obviously take great pride in the fact that their hard work is borne out by supplying top quality raw materials to such a successful local business.


The 2014 harvest will see an increased tonnage of both Cornish  grown Maris Otter and Cornish grown spring malting barley in St Austell beers , grown by the same growers for use in what has to be some of the world’s most delicious beer.

This supply chain which was set up by Robin Appel Ltd and has been nurtured carefully through times of extreme volatility in both the malting barley market and the weather is a prime example of where the food industry is heading and how these market led initiatives can bring stability and success to all stakeholders.