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Malting Barley Trial Site – Open Day 2022

Syngenta & Robin Appel Ltd Hampshire

Malting Barley Trial Site – Open Day 2022

Event Date: Monday 27th June 2022

Event Start Time: 16:00

Venue: Saxley Farm, Red Rice, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 7PG

We would be delighted if you could join us for this year’s Hampshire Spring Malting

Barley Open Day, where we will be discussing the latest market trends and opportunities

for both malt and feed barley, along with showcasing our agronomy work focusing on

varieties, nutrition and fungicides. Joining our expert team to take us through the site

will be Jonny Roberts of Boortmalt, who will share his thoughts on what lies ahead for

our industry. We are also very excited to have a Winter Barley variety screen at Saxley

Farm for 2022, which includes the varieties Craft, Electrum, Maris Otter and SY Vessel

along with some feed varieties from the Hybrid Barley portfolio.

There will be a generous food offering you can enjoy

along with refreshments, which includes the very popular Tribute ale!

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