In Field Malting Barley Trials

The evening started with a look at the Maris Otter P.G.R. trials. With this season being quite stressful for the crop, there appeared to be no visual damage to the Otter – does this mean we no longer need to worry about high use of P.G.Rs? Previous trials have shown an adverse yield effect on high levels of P.G.R. use and especially on Winter Malting Barleys like Maris Otter.

Springs Oats appear to be stacking up quite well as a break crop (where black grass is not a real problem), as oats are fairly cheap to grow and there are some good contracts out there, it can make sense for many Farms. The only issue with the crop is it can be quite hungry for P.G.Rs, oats are prone to falling over – all in all it appeared from the group last night that everyone was keen to grow them again.

Finally, before we tucked into a superb roasted Lamb (courtesy of Florence Denée), we took a look at the Spring Barley trials. We had an overview of Syngentas Laureate, RGT Planet, LG Opera and Propino. Both Laureate and RGT Planet show future potential for malting, though markets are limited at present – always speak to your RA rep before committing to big areas. Unfortunately LG Opera, since planting the trial, failed for IBD approval this was a shame as the crop looked promising. Propino looked good with an even and dense canopy, from the look of the crop it promises to be a good harvest for this variety. From the rising stars of the Spring Barleys Laureate really shone, it was far less stressed than its rivals and appears to have come through the ‘drought’ period well.

Last night was a great evening, enjoyed by everyone who came. Thank you to all those who joined us last night and helped make a successful evening!

Huge thank you to Paul for preparing the site, Philip Denée and his wife Juels and Daugther Florence for a wonderful lamb roast.

Thank you also to the team at Crop Management Partners who provide a seriously good service to their farmer customers and are a great ally of Robin Appel Ltd.