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Q. What are the Contract terms for Maris Otter Barley for Harvest 2019 ?

A. They will be, as always, sufficiently Competitive to meet Market Demand.

Q. Which varieties of Malting Barley are best suited to the Brewing and Distilling industry?

A. Brewing industry Propino and Distilling industry Laurette

Q. Which crops best represent the Expanding Demand for Organic Cereals and Pulses?

A. Organic Malting Barley and Organic Milling Oats.

Q. What is the Earliest and Highest Yielding Linseed variety?

A. Bingo

Q. What are the Highest Yielding varieties of Marrowfat and Large Blue Peas?


Q. Why do Arable Farmers benefit from sowing Certified Seed?

A. Highest Germination, Vigorous Crop Establishment, and retention of Purity of the variety.