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Alternative Break Cropping Ideas

At Breaking Point?

We have been looking for ways to help combat the challenge which has been presented to us all by the reduction in Oilseed Rape cropping across the UK. For years OSR has been a reliable break crop which has not only offered a reliable financial return, but also a great soil improver for the crop which follows.

For those that are looking to take on a new challenge in your rotation, or even increase an existing block in your cropping plan, we at Robin Appel ltd believe to offer real, market driven opportunities for break crops this coming season.

We have a bespoke and unique supply of seed and buy-back options for Winter Linseed, as well as Spring Linseed. Being flexible, we can offer anything from harvest movement to marketing pools. We continue to maintaining our dominance in the pulses market, last year achieving the position of largest supplier of Peas into the Eastern Counties homes. Our buy-backs are on Spring Peas, for Marrowfats and Large Blue. As well as a holding strong position in the Pea market. We can supply proven buy-back contracts for Winter Beans and Spring Beans, which include contacts that can take advantage of the rises and falls of the market by tracking the LIFFE futures.

For more information on our range of OSR alternative break crops, please speak to your regular contact at Robin Appel Ltd or call the head office on 01489 896388.