About Us

Robin Appel Ltd was founded nearly 40 years ago (1980) by Robin Appel, who remains as the chief executive.

Based at Bishops Waltham in Hampshire, the trading portfolio has always been combinable crops, seed and fertiliser, from the outset establishing an acclaimed reputation right across the industry for innovative and progressive initiatives within the grain supply chain.

Malting barley particularly stands out within the company’s grain trading portfolio. Headed up by Jonathan Arnold, and constructed around the now legendry campaign to maintain Maris Otter barley production, supply contracts to both UK and near European maltsters cover the full spectrum of Approved Malting Barley Varieties, both winter and spring.

Robin Appel’s continuing custody of Warminster Maltings, whose malt sales are now supporting both brewers and distillers across the UK, provides the company with some foresight of the “triumphs and disasters” of this vibrant and innovative market place. Even more apparent, and perhaps based on the company’s track record and enthusiasm for ‘framework agreements’ and ‘managed supply chains’, wider support for this concept is manifesting itself within the malting barley sector, as the industry faces up to post-Brexit Britain.

Another company portfolio which stands out is the one dedicated to Organic Farming. Overseen by Tom Wood, this sector has, and continues, to defy the reluctant domestic demand, fuelled instead by an expanding Continental appetite, which has maintained a double digit growth trajectory for a decade or more. The company’s profile within this sector has been expanded and enhanced by its appointment as a marketing partner of Camgrain, the progressive Cambridge based co-operative, strategically managing joint Organic production initiatives via Camgrain’s Stratford Advanced Processing Centre.

Wheats, oats and rye all feature within the cereals portfolio, and the company also remains a very active participant within the oilseeds (linseed) and pulses (field peas and beans) market place. In the case of the latter, the directors maintain their long held belief that legumes will again become a seriously valuable contributor to arable farm rotations.

Add to all this a formidable seed production catalogue, both production and sales, particularly targeted at the company’s wide range of supply contracts, and both farmers and processors can be assured of a professional and comprehensive approach to every initiative.

With representation on farm right across the country, including East Anglia, and a particularly young and highly talented team of executives, the company remains a robust ‘independant’ and an outstanding performer within the ranks of the agricultural supply trade, respected by their customers and competitors alike.

The trading portfolio has always been combinable crops, seed and fertiliser